According to a new poll from the Pew Research Center 63 percent of adults polled favor the death penalty.  31 percent of the 2000 adults polled were opposed to the death penalty.  They did not ask me but rest assured I am strongly in favor of the death penalty in most cases.

When I was growing up the death penalty was assumed for most convictions of first degree murder and even aggravated rape.  During the last few decades deals have been made to assure quick trial outcomes and as a result we have faster trials, larger prison populations and worse we have habitual rapists and killers returning to society to kill and rape again.

We need to make sure the judicial system does a thorough job in convicting criminals and then we must apply the maximum sentence.  It has become more and more disheartening to read stories that tell of repeat offenders killing and destroying lives and families.  Why should we the taxpayers feed and house repeat offenders that should be terminated and removed from society? Letting murders and rapist live is just one more drain on the treasury.