It's been a month since 'Making A Murderer' hit Netflix, and beyond the actual docuseries the details unfolding from the viewers are just as fascinating.

The latest piece of evidence that has been dug up is a small detail that could possibly change the entire case. It's a photo of Teresa Halbach that was shown time and time again during the series, but clearly everyone—including Steven Avery's defense team—totally never saw it.

One of the sketchiest pieces of evidence during the investigation of Halbach's murder was the single key to her RAV4 that was found in Steven Avery's bedroom—mainly because it was "found" in plain sight weeks after the initial search of the Avery property and the room being tossed several times.

As if that wasn't suspect enough, the key was found by a Manitowac County officer who wasn't even supposed to be involved with the case in the first place.

But internet sleuths have pointed out that Halbach is clearly holding a key chain with multiple keys on it in the photo. Evidence in the case shows investigators only found a single key—not the rest of the keys or the key chain.

One could argue that Halbach had several sets of keys, or separate keychains but how many people—including yourself—do you know that swaps out key chain configurations?

Remember, Halbach was a photographer, not a janitor.

This would have totally supported the argument that the sole key found in Avery's bedroom was likely planted there. If Avery ever does get another trial, this could definitely play in his favor.

One of Avery's original defense lawyers, Jerry Buting, spoke with Rolling Stone recently about the recent internet findings that he and his partner missed while defending Avery during his trial.

We were only two minds. What I'm discovering is that a million minds are better than two. Some of these people online have found things with a screen shot of a picture that we missed.

He's totally right, and I have a feeling this type of crowdsourced defense team may actually give Steven Avery the new trial he has always dreamed of. Only time will tell, but I have to ask:

Do you think he did it? Do you believe he was set up? Do you think the keys in the photo of Halbach match up with the sole key found on Avery's property?

Let us know in the comments below.

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