In the lawsuit, Pamela Manuel, a former radio dispatcher at the Mamou Police Department, claims that she was arrested without a warrant.  Manuel says in May of last year, she was jailed for three days, and she was not given food, any access to running water or to her inhaler she uses for respiratory issues.

According to documents filed with the suit, Mamou Police Chief Greg Dupuis, Detective Marie Potter and the town of Mamou are all listed as defendants in the lawsuit.  The lawsuit also states that Pamela Manual was a person who was part of an investigation that resulted in Dupuis' removal from office.

Dupuis was convicted before on charges of malfeasance for improper record-keeping, but he later had the felony conviction expunged from his record.  His conviction was also dismissed at which time he was then allowed by law to run for office again.  He did that, and he was re-elected in 2004.