Baton Rouge police say they have arrested a man accused of kidnapping a woman, stealing a truck and then driving it into nine cars.  He told police he wanted to know what it was like to play "Grand Theft Auto" in real life.

20-year-old Zachary Burgess of Hoover, Alabama, a freshman lacrosse player at Auburn University, is free after posting bail on a $80,000 bond.

Around 2:30am, a woman sitting on the passenger side of a truck with the keys in the ignition Saturday was startled when Burgess allegedly jumped in and attempted to drive the vehicle away. Unfortunately for Burgess, his get-away plans were ruined by several cars blocking his exit. Burgess then began ramming the vehicles in his way with the stolen truck. When Burgess later attempted to flee on foot, citizens on the scene held him down until police arrived.

The woman was able to jump out of the truck.

Burgess has been charged with vehicle theft, kidnapping and hit and run.