There are just so many weird stories in the world, and this story is another one of them.  Just when you thought you couldn't hear another wild tale, here is one for you about a guy from Massachusetts who is facing a slew of charges for using his own pet python to beat up on his girlfriend.  Oh, yeah, and she was in a hot tub at the time!

What is the world coming to?  The guy ran off after arguing, then beating up the girlfriend with the python.  Keith Paro is facing charges of domestic assault and battery, larceny over $250, wanton and malicious damage over $250, and cruelty to animals.  Our world is so messed up, how much you want to bet this guy pays more in fines and get more time in jail for killing the snake then bruising this woman?  I would bet at least twenty bucks that will be the case.

You have to ask yourself, if the guy was high? on bath salts? or needs some meds? But, but the Fox News story doesn't give any other details.    A Massachusetts man is facing charges for allegedly using a pet python to beat his girlfriend as she soaked in a hot tub, injuring the woman and ultimately killing the snake.

So what do we do with this?  We just thank God that we are not part that crazy man's life.  You bet this Paro guy will get more time for being mean to an animal, and less for hurting his girlfriend.  Just another weird story from the world.  Be glad it's not you, and just know that even when you think your weird, at least you aren't these people!  Celebrate that!