Madison Wisconsin is the setting for another crazy crime story.  It just seems these stories are all over the place lately.  This time police say a man beat up a woman because she was gone to long shopping for a Christmas present and she got the wrong one.

Witnesses told police they say the man hitting on the woman, and they say they were fighting about what he said was "the wrong" Christmas present.  Yep, it's a weird world.  To top it all off, police arrested the suspect with cash, marijuana, ammunition and a 12-gauge shotgun.

The Fox News story says that the man did try to flee, but was arrested.  I am glad that police arrested the suspect for this domestic violence issue.  It's enough that there are not enough people being put into the system for this type of violence, and to be so crazy as to beat up someone over a so said "wrong" Christmas present is just so wrong.