UL Police is asking for the public's help in finding the man they say through a concrete block through the door of the UL Bookstore.

Once inside the store, the suspect tripped the motion detector alarm.

UL Police believes that the man store some food and some Rajun Cajun clothing.

The suspect is then seen on camera heading out of the store and in the direction of East Lewis Street.

Police say they don't know the race of the suspect, but they say he does have a light complexion based on the surveillance that they have of the man.

UL Burglary Suspect Truck, photo courtesy of UL Police

They believe the man has long hair which he tucked up under the cap he was wearing.

The suspect is about 250 pounds, and is likely about six feet tall. They also say they believe he was wearing some sort of boots on the night of the crime.

Anyone with information about this man is asked to call the UL Police Department at 337-482-6447.