Fletcher Sanders, a 25 year old Baton Rouge man chose to be taken to jail rather than rat out an LSU player who had him sell his game worn cleats and gloves on eBay. The story was first reported by Ben Wallace The Advocate.

Sanders, a shoe store employee, sold cleats and gloves on eBay in October, publicizing the equipment was worn in LSU's exciting win over Ole Miss on October 25th.

It is an NCAA violation for student athletes to sell school-given gear.

When investigated by police, Sanders explained he was selling the gear on eBay for a current player on the Tigers. When asked to reveal who, Sanders refused to, leading the police to arrest him. He was booked with principle theft and possession of stolen things.

Sanders explained to the officers he would not reveal the player because he did not want to ruin a college football player's career.

He was released this morning on $3000 bail.

The gear was purchased on eBay and has yet to be recovered by police.