We have heard about people getting picked up multiple times for DUI, but this latest story tops them all.

A man in Ohio was stopped by police and found to be under the influence while behind the wheel.  This wasn't new to the man as he has been convicted of that 13 times previous to this.  He has also been busted nearly 3 dozen times since the late 70s.  Add to it that the man doesn't even have a license and hasn't had one for nearly three decades and you get one question entering your mind:  How does he get away with this so often?

There are times to make sure that someone gets the help they need.  Then there are times to say that you have had your opportunity and you need to spend some time seeing the inside of a jail cell.  This incident is far past the second option.  When someone gets picked up for this three times, most of us say that it might be time to show that person what a jail cell looks like.  This man knows police pretty well and has known them well for parts of 4 decades.

Times like these might also mean something a little more creative than just jail time.  I wonder if it is time to have a judge say that this man can't taste alcohol not once, ever for the next couple of decades.  That type of thing might just keep him out of jail and out of trouble and keep roads a little safer.