A single vehicle wreck in Charenton yesterday led to the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office arresting a man on multiple charges.

Deputies say 31-year-old Jared Cowart was already wanted by the court for failing to appear on two charges, but then the man allegedly is responsible for wrecking his car then fleeing the scene.

Around 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, a St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Deputy was called out to investigate a crash on Louisiana Highway 87.

Officials think that Cowart lost control of the car, and it ended up in a sugarcane field.

Cowart later went back the scene of the crash after being advised to do that through someone else talking to the man.

He returned and was arrested for the following:

  • Not having insurance
  • Driving while having a suspended license
  • Careless operation of a motor vehicle
  • Having no license plate on the car
  • Hit and run driving
  • Warrant for failure to appear regarding a theft charge
  • Warrant for criminal neglect of family

Cowart was booked into the St. Mary Parish Correctional Center.