The last defendant in a large scale Lafayette drug trafficking organization has been sentenced to four years and seven and a half months in jail for his role in the illegal operation. Amelia Victor was one of 13 defendants indicted for taking large amounts of cocaine powder from Houston, Texas, and elsewhere, and bringing it to Lafayette.

After acquiring cocaine powder and manufacturing cocaine base or “crack,” the leader Martin Victor, Jr. and his co-conspirators would supply members of the conspiracy with the cocaine base for further distribution at various locations within the Lafayette area, including the Truman neighborhood area. Over $50,000.00, identified as drug proceeds, was seized and forfeited, as well as a firearm, vehicles, bank deposits and other assets.

The defendants, and their respective sentences, are listed below in order of indictment:


Martin Victor, Jr., alias “Steak”                                  20 years                                          10 years
Joekerra Simpson, alias “Bud”                            12 years 2 months                                5 years
Damien Victor, alias “Gus                                         16 years                                           5 years
Courtland Malbrough, alias “Chine”                           16 years                                           5 years
Dale Broussard                                                3 days, w/ credit for time                          5 years

Amelia Victor, alias “Nun”                                4 years 7.5 months                                   5 years
Leonard Morrison                                                       14 years                                          3 years
Felton Hopkins, alias “Baja”                                       10 years                                          6 years
Justin Thibeaux                                                           5 years                                           4 years
Eric Bonner                                                                15 years                                          5 years
Sederick Randle                                              3 days, w/credit for time                            3 years

Randall Landry                                                     3 years probation                                    N/A
Derrick Simpson, alias “D-Rex”                                 11 years                                         4 years

United States Attorney Stephanie A. Finley stated, “This investigation revealed an organized drug trafficking network whose primary interest was distribution of cocaine and cocaine base ("crack"). Members of this criminal organization were involved in an illegal scheme to manufacture and distribute multiple kilos of cocaine and cocaine base ("crack") into the Lafayette area. These sentences should send a strong message that there is a serious price to pay if you choose to make a career out of drug trafficking.”