The bond between a man (or woman) and his (or her) dog is a special one, especially when they grow up together.

When my longtime friend & colleague Jaycee Falcon lost his longtime companion, Tucker, on Mardi Gras 2015, the pain was evident. She'd been with him since she was a pup.

When a Nebraska man learned his dog was dying of cancer, he decided to take her on a "bucket list" adventure. Robert Kugler's 9-year-old chocolate Lab, Bella, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. He was forced to choose between amputating a leg, or putting her down. Kugler decided he & Bella would travel the country together.

The farewell journey has taken them to the Carolinas, & the Adirondacks in Northern New York (My old stomping grounds). They hit the Florida Keys, and are still on the road, according to

Bon voyage, Bella!