Of all the things that have been used to rob businesses, such as guns, knives and and other weapons, this man decided a coffee pot would work. And it did! But his glory was short-lived after surveillance video captured the whole thing.

Police in Eunice say 32-year-old John T. Guillory was arrested after allegedly taking over $800 dollars from the register and the employee's smartphone before getting away on foot. Our news partners at KATC say Guillory was found by authorities two blocks away from the casino and eventually arrested after a short chase.

Police in Eunice say a man who used a coffee pot as a weapon to rob a local casino has been apprehended. Officers say 32-year-old John T Guillory allegedly took over $800 from the register and stole an employee's smartphone before fleeing on foot.

Guillory is being held without bond in the Eunice City Jail. You can watch the video below: