As a nightly news anchor for KATC TV 3, you see Marcelle Fontenot every day. But you see her after hair, makeup, lots of research and a second-to-none production team that puts her on the air every night. But under all of that, there is a wife, a mother, and a woman like most in Acadiana who struggled to make it all work behind the scenes.


It was on one of those days, that she came up with "Marcelle's Mission". It's a mission to sometimes put herself first- to be the best wife, mother, and journalist she can be. It started with nutrition and exercise. Now, after about 3 weeks in, the plans she put into practice have pushed her in the right direction in most areas of her life.

Her ongoing "Marcelle's Mission" series can be seen weekly on TV 3. She has an active Facebook Group for support and healthy living tips. Some nights, you may even see her doing fitness exercises on Facebook Live stream. The movement has grown to feature a nutritionist to guide viewers at the dinner table.

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