It’s funny to think that while we are mid swing in our Mardi Gras celebration, most of the country is plugging away at another regular old work week. Growing up in South Louisiana it is sometimes hard to imagine life with out Mardi Gras, but for most of the country this is the sad reality.

Surfing the web today, I’ve come across a few places where outsiders have asked people from Louisiana to describe Mardi Gras for them. The variety of different answers is pretty funny and reminds us that Mardi Gras is definitely a different experience for everyone. Sure, it may have had religious beginnings, but Mardi Gras evolved far beyond its original religious definition to something that celebrated by all people regardless of their religious backgrounds.

So with this in mind, I’m curious as to what Acadiana thinks. How would you describe Mardi Gras to someone who has never heard of it? If you had to put Mardi Gras in a sentence what would it be?

Here’s mine:

“Mardi Gras in Lafayette is a celebration of Cajun culture in which social norms and societal hierarchy give way to music, community, and of course, beads.”

So what’s your definition? Describe Mardi Gras in one sentence in the comment section, and make sure to “Like” this article so your friends can join in too.