Marijuana-reform advocacy group Legalize Louisiana will hold a rally on the steps of the state capitol Saturday afternoon.

Co-organizer Kerri Lee Short-Brecheen says her group represents a majority that feels elected officials aren't listening to the people.

We really just want Louisiana to pay attention to what's going on.

"Fifty-seven percent of the United States are now wanting marijuana reform," Short-Brecheen said. "And we don't find it fair that the citizens of Louisiana and other states aren't the ones that are able to vote on this issue."

Short-Brecheen says medical studies have revealed the benefits of marijuana use, and the potential tax revenue from the legalization of marijuana could be beneficial for the state. She says the goal of the rally is to get people to listen.

"We really just want Louisiana to pay attention to what's going on — to give us a chance to decide what's right for us," Short-Brecheen said.

Several bills dealing with marijuana reform were heard during this legislative session, and none of them passed. Short-Brecheen said she believes the issue should be put to a popular vote.

"There are a lot of people in Louisiana that are smart people," Short-Brecheen said. "We should be allowed to decide this type of stuff."