Are Obama/Clinton guilty of “Russian Collusion”

 I understand why some folks are turned off and tuned out to politics in Washington, D.C.  Trying to separate the wheat from the chafe – or lies from the truth – is like being a kindergarten teacher with recess duty,  who is tasked with determining which of the five-year-olds are playing fairly in the sandbox. So the plot thickens in D.C. with the latest developments in the United States selling 20% of its uranium to the Russians.

I will briefly outline the alleged developments about the uranium deal.  My intent is not to be judge, jury, and executioner; rather, I want to give you an overview about the complexity of the situation.  The truth will come out in time.

First, the “uranium deal” is very convoluted.  The Committee on Foreign Investments in the U.S. (CFIUS) is a governmental body which must review the sale of uranium, and other American assets, to foreign interests.  The committee consists of six federal government department heads, including the departments of State and Defense.  The U.S. Attorney General and two White House representatives are also members.  CFIUS does not approve any transaction.  CFIUS members can only object to a sale, which none of the nine members did when reviewing the deal in which Uranium One –  a Canadian company which was 51% owned by the Russian government in 2010 –  would purchase approximately 20% of deposits of uranium on American soil.  The offer was to purchase two licensed uranium mining operations in Wyoming, which constitutes about 20% of known deposits in America.  Only the president can disapprove of such a sale; Obama did not disapprove of the deal. Once again, Hillary Clinton nor any of the other eight CFIUS members did not object to the sale. So the sale was approved by inaction by Obama and his minions.

Robert Mueller was head of the FBI when the agency was investigating Rosatom, which is the Russian nuclear energy agency, for extortion and corruption in 2010. Obama knew of the investigation.  Investors in the Uranium One company donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation around the time of CFIUS and Obama approving – or not stopping the U.S. transaction – with the Russian-owned company.  Rosatom also acquired a 51% majority in Uranium One around the time of the deal.  Coincidence? Also, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000, twice his usual speaking fee, for making a presentation to banking interests in Russia, which were allegedly associated with the Russian government.  Yet another coincidence?

The Obama administration put a gag order on an FBI investigator who has intimate knowledge of the “Uranium One” transaction.  The Trump Department of Justice recently lifted that gag order, freeing the former FBI investigator to reveal what he knows about the deal.  The attorney for the FBI informant made a statement last week on Fox News about her client’s reaction to the U.S. sale of uranium to, in essence, the Russians. The attorney said the FBI informant “was furious” about the transaction.  The sale of U.S. uranium does come with some qualifiers if the uranium is to be transferred from the U.S. to other countries.  Stipulations such as “the uranium can be used only for peaceful purposes,” etc.  Do you trust the Russians to abide by a silly agreement?  Oh, by the way, Russia now owns 100% of Uranium One – that happened in 2013.  Look into the details of this mess if you want to make your head swim. I think this deal was Obama/Clinton’s pacifist tendencies.  Remember that silly “Russian reset” with Clinton and the Russian diplomat?  Give away the store (uranium) to Russia, and Obama can win another Nobel Peace Prize . . . and who knows, maybe Clinton can get something in return as well.   Something doesn’t smell right.

-Mark Pope