In a move that will only add to the frustration of Acadiana drivers whose travels require them to pass through Maurice, Maurice mayor Wayne Theriot announced that the speed limit on the south side of Maurice has decreased from 65 to 55 miles an hour.

The decrease is intended to help drivers gradually slow down as they enter Maurice. The mayor says the new speed limit gives drivers a chance to gradually slow down while entering Maurice.

"We had some growth on the south end of town. We had some concerns about the speed as they were coming in, for the safety of our citizens, as well as the patrons of the businesses," Theriot told KATC. "We wanted them to look and decrease the speed. We're not out to make money giving tickets. We want to protect our citizens, as well as the people that traverse through the village."

How the decreased speed limit will affect Maurice's notoriety as a speed trap remains to be seen.