Though Master Trooper Brooks David says there is no rhyme or reason for it, but May has been the most dangerous month on Acadiana roads in recent years.

In May 2014, David said Louisiana State Police investigated 10 fatal crashes with 15 fatalities in Acadiana. A year later, Troop I investigated 11 fatal crashes with another 15 fatalities.

David stressed how important it is to discuss with their teen drivers, and young adults, safety concerns on the roadways, and inside the vehicles.

Adults must also realize that being safe in a vehicle can be summed up to a matter of choice.

Drivers who choose to become distracted in a vehicle are not safe drivers. David said distractions come, not only from cell phones, but also from a number of things including stereos, mirrors and other passengers.

David said EVERYONE INSIDE A VEHICLE MUST WEAR A SEAT BELTIt is not only state law in Louisiana, but it is also a vital tool in surviving a crash.

Restrained drivers and passengers are 75 percent more likely to survive a crash than those people inside a vehicle who choose not to wear a seat belt.

Impaired driving remains a cause of many crashes in Acadiana and around the state.

Drivers who choose to drive impaired not only take their lives into their own hands, but they are also choosing to neglect the lives and safety of everyone else traveling on the roadways.

Choose a designated driver before attending any function where alcohol is served.

Click the photo above to listen to Master Trooper Brooks David visit the KPEL studio on Acadiana's Morning News to discuss several topics on how to stay safe on the road.