First it was what you were eating, then it was drinks that were far too large.  Now, the Mayor of New York wants to go after people that listen to loud music in earbuds.

We have all heard that sound levels above certain decibels can be damaging to hearing.  I will never forget the ringing I had in my ears after my first concert.  Still, the idea that someone thinks that I can't think for myself and need to be protected from myself is ridiculous.

I personally have lost some of my hearing, after years of being in the media.  That means that all of those sets of headphones I used over the years are the culprits.  In addition, the speakers that I have been forced to listen to things on are to blame as well.  Keep this up and we could take this all the way back to the music my mother listened to when I was still in the womb.

If people want to damage their own hearing, that is clearly their business.  Having someone come along and police what I am listening to and how loud is beyond anything that government needs to do.

Still, I have lost some hearing over the years, so I obviously don't know what is good for me.  Help me Mayor Bloomberg.  Help me!