Joey Durel, Allen Thomas (Facebook)

When Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns take on the ECU Pirates this Saturday in the Superdome, the New Orleans Bowl title will not be the only thing on the line.

Allen Thomas, Mayor of Greenville, North Carolina, and City-Parish President Joey Durel have decided to make things a bit more interesting. The leaders of the two cities represented in bowl game have each pledged to present their opposing town leader with food from their city should their team lose.

On the line for Mayor Thomas, a world renowned delicacy from his region.

Eastern north Carolina is known for great barbeque and Parker's Barbeque is a world-famous provider here.

City-Parish President Durel admitted he hasn't decided upon what he'll be bringing to the table, but he has narrowed it down to two options.

I still haven't decided if it's going to be an etouffee or a gumbo. Maybe it will be both. The problem is we would have to lose to send food, so I don't know. Maybe we'll be good winners and send food anyway.

The mayors have also decided to exchange indigenous trees, as both cities are members of Tree City USA. Mayor Thomas has promised to send a Crepe Myrtle from Greenville, while City-Parish President Durel chose a Bald Cypress to represent Lafayette.

The two city leaders were on friendly terms when they joined KPEL 96.5's "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" for Durel's weekly "Lafayette Live" segment Thursday morning. Mayor Thomas expressed how excited he was not only for the game, and but also to meet members of the Lafayette community.

We're going to bring a good group of Pirates from Eastern Carolina. We love our college football and we know you do too. We love our tailgating as well. One thing I know is we always love to meet new friends.

City-Parish President Durel echoed the friendly sentiments for the Ragin' Cajuns by reassuring Mayor Thomas with world-famous Cajun hospitality.

No matter what, you can be sure the people from Lafayette will welcome the people from North Carolina to New Orleans, and we'll all have a good time; I know it.