Political newcomer Vance McAllister is headed to Washington to represent Louisiana's 5th Congressional District. Just 19% of voters in the widespread district, including the eastern portion of St. Landry Parish, showed up to cast ballots in Saturday's election.

McAllister bested opponent Neil Riser with 60% of the vote. Riser has held a state Senate seat since 2008.

McAllister's campaign was largely self-funded, but he picked up the celebrity backing of TV's "Duck Dynasty" family.

Both candidates are Republicans who agreed on issues like abortion, gun rights and federal spending. Their opinions differed on the contentious Affordable Health Care Act.

While both men opposed it, Riser felt the bill needed to be repealed completely. McAllister believes there is no chance for repeal with Democrats in the current Congress. His approach was to amend and improve the current law. He also wants to see Louisiana expand the Medicaid program to provide for the working poor. Riser opposes that expansion.