Acadiana's first Krampe-owned McDonald's is back open and they are rolling back their prices for this week only. It first opened its doors in 1972. This brand new McDonalds at 1430 Evaneline Thruway has been completely rebuilt from the ground up.  In honor of its original opening, McDonalds #1 is rolling back prices to the 1970’s on one item each day from March 28th-April 1st.

Monday, March 28th, get a 12oz shake for only .35 cents,

Tuesday, March 29th, get a coffee for only .15 cents,

Wednesday, March 30th, get a hamburger for only .30 cents,

Thursday, March 31st, get a cheeseburger for only .35 cents,

Friday, April 1st, get an apple pie for only .30 cents.

McDonald's #1 now features USB charging stations, free Wi-Fi, digital menu boards and a new double lane drive-thru for larger orders.