The idea of a liberal slant to the media is not a new one.  We have heard it since before the days of Fox News when all you had were the big 3 and then CNN.  Evidence of bias is pretty easy to come by, but not more so than this article, which made me think twice about what some people have said about CNN.

CNN has been looked at as the network that was a little more balance of late.  While you knew that with MSNBC, you would get the perspective of the left.  With Fox, you get the perspective of the right.  Most of the broadcast networks tend to go toward the left.  That leaves CNN, which at times has been in the middle of things, or so some people see it.  Then you see a piece like this, passed off as "news" when it clearly is an opinion.

The article starts off by quoting the "Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies" Senior Research Associate David Bositis, who said,

"The Republicans' problem is their voters are white, aging and dying off.  There will come a time when they suffer catastrophic losses with the realization of the population changes."

On the surface, the name of the place that they went for information sounds innocuous enough.  When you dig deeper, you find that the group that CNN chose to speak with have an agenda that sounds like it is right out of the Obama playbook.  Complete with the belief in "climate change" and in "single-payer" healthcare, this is a group that has a stake in who wins and loses elections.  Since they tend to believe in Democratic issues, you would think that they would stand with Democrats and would say something like they did.  So what did CNN do?  They ran with it.

Never mind that Republicans come in all shapes and sizes.  Never mind that one of the two Hispanic Congressmen is Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who himself is under consideration for the number two slot on the ticket with Mitt Romney for President.

I am not surprised by media bias.  It happens a lot.  What amazes me is just how easy it is to challenge such things.  Having a more balanced perspective on things might be more appropriate.  Maybe the approach of how this might be a problem and what both sides think about it.  The way it stands now, it merely looks like the Republican Party is full of old, white people that are in the market for a casket.  Liberals might like the sound of it, but it is not exactly the truth.  Not that this has stopped the mainstream media ever before.