We have heard it over and over throughout the years, media makes the brand.  But what does that mean in today's world and how does that impact your business?  Jaci Russo stopped by to discuss it with us on the Afternoon Drive Home and she mentioned that what it means now is to have a strong plan moving into the holiday season that includes social media.  Russo mentioned,

If you don't remember anything else from our little chat today, 66% of social media users who made a Black Friday or Cyber Monday purchase did so as a direct result of social media interactions with brands and family.

Russo went on to mention that the way to reach people is not to talk about yourself or your brand, but to figure out a unique way to tell your story.  That includes using things that your customer is wanting or needing.  Russo talked about how some local business has been able to successfully use strategies like this to get customers through the door.

To hear some of the examples and get the complete interview with Jaci Russo, click below: