Planning ahead is something we all need to do as we head for the new year.  Jaci Russo says that this includes your plan for using the media in the next year.  That includes advertising, but also using other media avenues.  Russo stopped by The Afternoon Drive Home and said that it has a beginning and that is,

It starts with as always going back to focus, connection and harmony.  Who are you talking to?

Russo said that some will be maintaining, some will be expanding and that differs the approach.  She also reminded us that you need to know what your target is and plan on spending where they are to reach them.  Russo also encouraged everyone to stay flexible when you make your plan.

You want to commit 75 to 80 percent of your budget and leave some cushion for flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that come along.

Listen to the entire conversation with Jaci Russo below: