A bill that would expand use of medical marijuana for Louisiana residents ailing from ertain diseases passed in the Senate this week.

The author of Senate Bill 271, state Sen. Fred Mills (D-Parks), said the the debate surrounding the bill was a tug of war between the law enforcement community and the medical community.

The bill now awaits approval in the House of Representatives.

For those who fear the bill would open the flood gates for recreational marijuana use, the bill was written with specific language that states the forms of the drugs dispensed shall not include raw marijuana, or any form to be inhaled.

Mills said his version of the legislation is the most conservative medical marijuana bill in the nation.

The bill fell short of the 20-vote majority by one vote on Tuesday. SB 271 was re-introduced Wednesday and passed with a 21-16 vote.

The  bill is designed to enact rules and regulations for prescribing, dispensing and using the drugs that would be allowed.