Two bills that would expand access to medical marijuana are close to being put into law after moving through the full House, and now being passed by a Senate committee. One bill would allow some children with autism, if prescribed, access to the treatment. The bill’s sponsor, Harvey Representative Rodney Lyons, says he was moved by an appeal from his constituents.

“They are not looking for a miracle, and this would be one of the last places I would come from… miracle. They are coming here because they have a need and they’re advocating for us to help them,” Lyons said.

Lyons says current autism medications have devastating side effects that he says aren’t a problem with medical marijuana.

“We’re definitely not trying to stay in the abyss of drugs that cause more side effects and more problems than we adhere to in this day,” Lyons said.

The other bill would permit those with ten new conditions, including PTSD, to be prescribed the oil or pill based treatment. Baton Rouge Representative Ted James says medical marijuana is a safe treatment that has helped fight opioid use.

“No deaths from marijuana has been reported. I know that there’s a lot of fear about the recreational use of marijuana,” James said.