For those who played our Pro Football Pick-Em Contest, you understand the difficult nature of making picks.

After a 17 week NFL season, I picked 152 of 256 games correct. With a 59.38 % success rate, I was feeling good about myself...until I compared it to our winner.

Between nearly a thousand contestants, Jared Conques stood above all, making an impressive 164 correct picks for a 64.06% success rate.

"I was pumped when I figured out I had outlasted all of the other contestants in the Pick 'Em contest," said a fired up Conques. "Like many, I had a few bad weeks and was burnt by the Saints throughout the year, but I found that consistency was key."

With those kind of odds, one may think Jared is booking a trip to Vegas to bet on the big game. However, he doesn't have to.

By virtue of winning our Pick 'Em contest, Jared will have an opportunity to win $10,000 by picking the correct halftime and final score of the Big Game on February 7th. If he picks only one correctly, he still gets $1000.

"Being able to shake off a bad week and staying the course was crucial down the stretch, especially week 16 with all those crazy upsets," explained Conques. "This is what I believe allowed me to eventually pulled ahead in the final two weeks, securing my spot as #1 and hopefully pocketing some cold hard cash to boot."

Being that Conques is a Saints fan and listener of ESPN1420, it's easy to pull for him to bring home ten grand.

"My favorite team is the New Orleans Saints. I went through a stretch of also pulling for the Chicago Bears when I was younger for about 5-6 years, but after Brian Urlacher retired, I realized I was just a fan of Urlacher and not the team as a whole," said Conques. "The Saints have been a part of my Sundays in the fall for as long as I can remember. From going to games as a small child to being able to enjoy the Super Bowl victory, it has been a crazy ride."

His next Super Bowl ride could paid big dividends. Best of luck to Jared, and thanks for playing.

As for the rest of us, we'll do our best to "shake off" and win the Pick 'Em contest next year. It's always good to take advice from a winner. Thanks Jared.