A rally was held on the La. State Capitol on Tuesday urging Louisiana to accept the expansion of Obamacare by accepting the Medicaid money that comes along with it, something Gov. Bobby Jindal has been opposing.

While this was happening, Joe Green, a person doing video work for "Forward Louisiana," sent out numerous tweets on Twitter, one of them saying that Governor Jindal is "the brown devil."

Brown Devil Twitter Comment, courtesy of LAGOP

It appears Green has deleted the tweet because it does not appear on his Twitter wall.

This was something that did not sit well with the Republican Party of Louisiana. They are calling on "Forward Louisiana," its parent organization "Louisiana Progress Action" and Joe Green "to apologize for this racist and divisive comment."

"While we are all allowed to have a difference of opinion on these important public policy matters, it is disappointing to see some members of the rally engage in derogatory and racist rhetoric," says Jason Dore with LAGOP. "Surely we can all have a mature discussion about the important policy proposals this legislative session and not engage in derogatory name calling."