wistv.com - Columbia, South Carolina

As protesters continue to march around the country in opposition to recent police-involved shootings, some have blocked major roadways and interstates.

In Memphis, the Black Lives Matter groups shut down the I-40 bridge Sunday night and that's when paramedics were called-in to rescue a sick child.

The parents of the child were stuck in traffic and not able to cross the bridge, where the hospital is located. Thus, their only solution was to call an ambulance and have it pick up their child in the opposite lane.

Police were able to escort the ambulance in the lanes that were not blocked and get to the baby. Still, paramedics had to go out of their way to get the sick baby to the medical facility.

The mayor of Memphis feared that this would happen and when he expressed his concerns, the protesters reportedly gave way.

Protesters in Baton Rouge recently attempted to shut down I-10 over the Mississippi River, but with good police work they were able to avoid this situation.

There is nothing wrong with protesting, but when you put lives at risk, as in this case, that's when it's time to reconsider the mission.

We're just glad that this sick child was able to get the medical attention it needed before it was too late.