NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The Coast Guard says it has suspended its search for a small plane that went missing over Lake Pontchartrain's (PONCH'-uh-trane's) choppy waters.

Petty Officer Carlos Vega says the plane was believed to be carrying 50-year-old instructor Burt Lattamore Jr. and his student, 40-year-old Affi Sav. He says he does not know their home towns.

He says resuming the search will depend on further developments.

Lt. Cmdr. Mark Molavi says the Coast Guard has searched 161 square miles of the lake 13 times over 20 hours.

Air traffic controllers notified the Coast Guard Wednesday night that a Cessna 172 single-engine aircraft carrying two people was missing.

Vega says debris was found in the lake near the plane's last known location but it was unclear whether it was from the missing plane.