Staying positive while writing an opinion piece can be difficult especially in these troubled times.  I won't even mention some of the recent tragedies as to not diminish the joy of the season.  Christmas has officially started at my house with the visit on Sunday of my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren from Lake Charles.  Great food and fun was had by all.  This evening Santa will pay another visit to our house with the Lafayette grandchildren, their parents and the parents of my soon-to-be newest granddaughter.  This evening will also be filled with food and fun.  Tomorrow another food filled occasion in New Iberia and then the slow come-down from all the carbs and sugar!

I hope that your Christmas is a merry one filled with joy and remembrance of the reason for the season.  The presents and food are wonderful but the joy of family and friends gathered should remind us Jesus Christ is the reason we celebrate.  Remember,

"His law is love and his gospel is peace".

Weather is predicted to be very rainy so let's be extra careful and please find a designated driver if your celebration includes adult beverages.

Merry Christmas!