I don't know you maybe, but I do know this; I love America!  I love freedom of speech, all the rest of the things protected in the Bill of Rights, and I will stand up for you to express your opinion, so why do some of you get so weirded out when I tell you Merry Christmas!  Maybe I need to explain what it means to me?

When I walk up to someone, end a conversation, or begin one with, "Merry Christmas!" all I am saying to you is that I hope the best for you; I wish you a world of peace, love, joy and light, so who are in their right mind could be offended by that?  Well, you know them too, they are just lonely, sad people, in my opinion, who can stand that someone wants to wish them well!  I get so frustrated when people put labels, tags and nonsense into something that comes from my heart.

What I really want to do with people who get offended at others for saying "Merry Christmas" is ask them why things are so bad in their lives that they don't want me to wish upon them all the blessings of Christ?  Why wouldn't someone want hope, faith, love, joy and blessing upong themselves. 

I am just telling you.....you are entitled to your opinion, your sayings, your practice, your faith and anything you want to believe, and I WILL RESPECT YOU, no matter what!  But if you don't want me to send you blessings for all  the good things in life, and you are going to be offended because I do, then save you and me both the time and heartache, and stay away from me!