With unprecedented unemployment levels and most American families finding it harder than ever to make ends meet First Lady Michelle Obama can't stop spending our money!  Can't she just take a weekend trip to Camp David like others have done before her?  We own the property and the helicopter flight is not a fuel waster.

We're just getting the totals from her February 2012 President's Day weekend ski vacation.  Mrs. Obama and her two daughters had a grand time on your dime.  Total cost for the weekend....$83,182.99!  I must admit Mrs. Obama and the two children were not the only people involved.  In addition to the Secret Service agents, Department of Defense personnel to fly them, Mrs. Obama brought along her personal assistant and style advisor as well as her scheduler.

You ask, "how could this weekend cost over $83,000"?  Well it cost $22,583 for the flight, accommodations for the Secret Service agents was a paltry $48,950, $6,442.23 for rental cars and even $235.44 for food on the flight.

The Aspen trip was the 16th vacation in three years for an average of one vacation every two months!

By the way, FoxNews.com had to file a lawsuit in federal court and wait six months to get information on the weekend ski trip.

Michelle Obama's vacations.  Can we afford four more years?  I think not!  She has had more vacations in one three year period than I have had in the last fifteen years and my total cost was less than her Aspen trip.

Six months.  Federal lawsuit.  Don't get me started on transparency in the Obama Administration.