A Michigan mom has taken to Facebook to show her son that he really does have friends. A young boy in Michigan, Colin, told his mom that he did not want to celebrate his 11th birthday because he has no friends, and that's when his mom started typing.

Colin suffers from a condition similar to Asperger's, and when it came time to planning his birthday party in March, Collin said he had no friends and that he did not want a party. So his mom, Jennifer, created a Facebook page for her son to prove that he really does have friends. Since then, the page has gotten nearly a million "Likes" and birthday cards are overtaking his parent's mailbox on a daily basis. Yes, Colin really does have friends!!

Colin's birthday is March 9th, and Jennifer wants to keep it a secret until then.  If you want to send a card or a gift, address it to "Colin, P.O. Box 756, Richland, Michigan  49083".