Mike Francis of Crowley has been elected as the Public Service Commissioner for District 4. Clyde Holloway represented the district until his death in October. Francis says he will bring proven business principles to the Public Service Commission.

“One of the things that I think is really important is to be able to look at a large company like Cleco, Entergy, to know what they’re going through, you have to look ahead 5-10 years.”

Francis previously served as the state’s Republican Party chairman for six years. Francis expects with the booming economy in Lake Charles, there will be a need for more electrical facilities. He says it must be a fair balance with what’s best for the consumer and utility companies.

“I’m not going to let them charge one more nickel more for the energy than they need to but at the same time, the Entergys of this world, they’re a very important part of our economic package for the future.”

Francis says he wants to use his political background to advocate for businesses and the working people. He says he represents the largest geographical area in the Public Service Commission, including 17 parishes.

“I’ll be standing up for a lot of issues that may be a little bit out of the box from what my description at Public Service Commission is.”