The Military Family Assistance Fund, which was originally set up to support families when a National Guardsman was deployed overseas, is now helping veterans who were affected by the flooding. Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Col. Joey Strickland says the legislature modified the fund to help all veterans who have a financial need.

“We give each veteran a $350 check. They can go to their local service office to get the form or they can apply to get it online.”

Strickland says they hope by the end of this month to give out a total of 350-thousand dollars to flood impacted veterans. Veterans eligible for this aid must show proof of service and a FEMA number. He says it typically takes about three days for veterans to collect the money.

“They fill the form out with their need, put their FEMA number on there and attach a copy of their ID card, their driver’s license or DD214.”

The LDVA estimates 171,000 veterans were impacted by the flooding and those interested in receiving an average check of 350 dollars can fill out a necessary form at the Veterans Service Office in their parish or call (225) 219-5000. Strickland says veterans only need to fill out one form and can either come to headquarters to pick up their check or it can be mailed to them.

“It’s a really good program, we are only one of two states in the nation that does that for our veterans.”