Mitzi Breaux of United Blood Services joined Bernie and Brandon on Acadiana's Morning News to discuss the 'Tis The Season To Pay It Forward In 3s blood drive.

Breaux explained how the new blood drive benefits not only those in need of blood products, but also the March of Dimes and The American Cancer Society

We’ve teamed up with ACS and March of Dimes and you can choose between one of those to receive a $3 donation from USB and Sterling Auto that will be donate in your honor when you donate blood.

Breaux detailed how easy the donation process has become

All you need to do is eat a hearty meal and drink plenty of water before donating, and bring a picture ID. You don’t need to fast, and if you’re on medications don’t let that keep you from donating. Just know why you’re on them and their names. If you’re traveling outside the country, the FDA changes those regulations on a weekly basis so don’t let that keep you from coming in either. We’ll take care of the rest. You can go to and click on the 'donor health history' button and fill out all the questions that we ask at our center in the privacy of your home or office. Print out the fast track ticket and bring it with you and it will be a lot quicker, they’ll scan the code on the sheet.

Click the image to hear more from Breaux about the 'Tis The Season To Pay It Forward It 3s Blood Drive.