Homeowners who live in mobile homes are now eligible to apply for the Shelter At Home program. Deputy Chief of Staff for the Governor’s Office, Julie Baxter Payer says they wanted to get some clarification about who was eligible for the program.

“That was the reason for the request by letter last week to verify whether or not that was included because this is a FEMA funded program,” Payer said.

Payer says they have verified that manufactured and modular homes can be included in the program, whether or not they are on wheels or attached to the ground. She says, like with other homes in the program, inspections will be done on a case by case basis.

“They’re going to be measured by the same standard as every other house. In other words, if we spend $15,000 on this on this home, can we make a safe habitable space in the home,” Payer said.

Payer says they also got some clarification about what types of homes do not qualify for the program.

“An RV or a camper that’s more recreational in nature will not be eligible for Shelter At Home work,” Payer said.