Louisiana talk show host Moon Griffon has said that we are living in a Mardi Gras economy, with people everywhere trying to get handouts.

Griffon said everybody out there is shouting "Throw me something mister!" Here's what the talk show host said on his show:

It's like we do at Mardi Gras parades in Louisiana. We live in a Mardi Gras economy. We live in an economy where people are hollerin, as the government goes by, 'just throw me something, just throw me something'. Its never gonna make you better. You have fun. You have fun in the moment. People are still eating and paying for things because we're giving them money and handouts because we don't want to go back to the old ways of working and earning what you get. We are creating a society of people who don't want to go to work.

What do you think about Moon's comments? Is America's economy truly like a Mardi Gras parade?


About Moon Griffon

Born and raised in Plaquemine, Louisiana, Moon mixes common sense thinking with his own brand of Cajun flavor.

He is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. An avid fisherman, Moon will travel anywhere to put a hook in the water. He and his wife Tonia live with their 4 children in Monroe. Moon Griffon is available for public speaking engagements. If you are looking for a motivational or an entertaining speaker, Moon can provide the spark you need. Combining politics and personal experiences, with his charming sense of humor and common sense, Moon is guaranteed to delight any audience.

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