Over the years, Moon Griffon has been ranting over the fact that he believes the spending in Baton Rouge is out-of-control. He's criticized elected officials on both sides of the aisle, such as former GOP Governor Bobby Jindal, current Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards and Democrat-turned-Republican Senator John Alario, among others.

As the historic special session begins in our state capitol, Moon decided to put together this list of ways he believes the state can get out of our budget mess - without raising taxes.

These are a compilation of ideas from the late C.B. Forgotston, State Treasurer John Kennedy and other government watchdog groups.

Moon Griffon's Constitution of Common Sense (Coined by Clay Young)

1) Over the last 10 years, spending has increased by 44 percent, while the economy has grown less than 25 percent. Louisiana spends $9300 per person. $6,500 is southern Average based

2) There’s been about a $1 billion increase in Medicaid which is now about a third of the budget and within 5 years, will grow to be half of the state budget…and the Governor wants more.

3) Spending has increased hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for the state’s 13 public retirement systems – just one of which has experienced an increase in costs by $300 million – other states have consolidated and reformed their retirement systems thus reducing costs while ensuring the retirees will be protected.

4) Quit giving money to local governments. The state sends local governments nearly $5 billion annually

5) Some 400 dedications in the budget add up to very little spending flexibility.

6) Combine Universities and cut out duplication. We have more four-year universities than Florida, despite being 20 percent the population, and we have five higher education governing boards compared to North Carolina’s two.

7) Cut all state contracts 20%. It would save the state $2.5 billion a year.

8) Quit giving state hundreds of millions of dollars each year to NON Govermental Organizations (NGOs)

9) Cut state government workers thru attrition  State has a 10-20% turnover per year. Millions could be saved here.

10) On total state and local taxes: 30% higher than southern avg

11) Only 11 cents go to roads out of every dollar  We don't need road taxes

12) Louisiana has 20% more employees than southern avg based on total state and local taxes

13) Finally, LA spends the highest pere capita of all the Southern states and we’re still at the top of the bad lists and the bottom of the good ones.