The issue of last-minute pay raises granted by former Governor Bobby Jindal has been a hot topic as lawmakers in Baton Rouge begin to wrap up the current regular session. State senators moved to prevent such salary hikes in the future.

Moon Griffon had some sharp criticism for this type of pay raise that appears to go pretty far up the food chain at the capital.

From the Associated Press: Louisiana's state senators are taking aim at last-minute pay raises by exiting governors.

The Senate voted 36-0 Monday for a proposal that would require lawmakers on the joint House and Senate budget committee to sign off on certain state worker pay raises between a gubernatorial election and the governor's inauguration day.

New Orleans Sen. Wesley Bishop's bill would cover the raises given to political appointees called "unclassified" employees. It suggests the Civil Service Commission could enact the same provisions for the state's "classified" workers.

Bishop's proposal heads to the House for consideration. It's the second Senate-approved bill seeking to prevent such pay hikes.

Former Gov. Bobby Jindal's cabinet secretaries gave out millions in raises only days or weeks before they exited office in January.