Rumors have been floating about for some time now that 'Moon' Griffon was moving his broadcast headquarters to Lafayette.

Now we can confirm those rumors. 'Moon' Griffon is in the process of moving his family to Lafayette and will launch his third decade of broadcasting from new palatial digs at 1749 N. Bertrand Drive the week of July 7th. Moon's affiliates will soon be receiving programming, via satellite, originating from the same NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL studios that bring you "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning" and "Geaux Acadiana" with Ken Romero & Dr. John Sutherlin.

"Moon has a unique way of telling a story," said Nathan Pike, program director and brand manager for KPEL. "As the self-proclaimed 'Voice of Louisiana,' we're sure he will have plenty more stories to tell in the coming months and years."

Moon leaving his longtime home at KMLB in Monroe, La. will be a welcome change for him personally and professionally. Originally being from Plaquemine, Moon will be closer to his roots and the move will place Moon in closer proximity to the Louisiana State Capitol where he gets much of his show material. The move may intimidate some in Baton Rouge but Moon's nearness should make for some interesting broadcasts!

"Moon has had a love affair with Acadiana for years, and we're excited to welcome him to Lafayette and to the KPEL family," said Mike Grimsley, general manager for Townsquare Media, a group of seven radio stations that in Lafayette that includes KPEL.

We're looking forward to Moon Griffon joining our broadcast family next week. He'll be on during his regular time slot from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. We hope you'll tune in and remember to give Moon a call on his regular call-in number at 1-800-259-1440.