LSU advances in the College World Series following the win against Florida State last night, and now the Tigers must beat No. 1 Oregon State twice in Omaha to make the finals. LSU fell to The Beavers in embarrassing fashion on Monday, but Tiger Rag Associate Editor James Moran says Friday’s contest will be a whole new ballgame with ace Alex Lange on the mound.

"The game on Monday really went downhill because Eric Walker had to leave with a forearm injury after two innings," said Moran. "Then they had to go to some guys you frankly don't plan on pitching in a College World Series setting. But if Lange gives them a good game and they don't avalanche early then I think they have a good chance on Friday."
First pitch today is set for 2pm. Moran says Saturday will be a taller order when right-hander Caleb Gilbert gets the start.
"You're pitching a guy that hasn't really been a starter against a team that's only lost four times all year," said Moran. "Obviously it's a tough hill to climb, but LSU feels they'll get off to a better start at least."
This is the furthest the Tigers have advanced into the tournament since winning it all back in 2009. The Beavers have only lost 4 games and Moran feels LSU would be the underdog even if they just had to beat OSU once.