Captain Megan Vizena with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office says their department is getting more reports of ATV thefts.  Vizena reports that St. Landry Crime Stoppers are asking for the help of citizens to solve these cases.

Vizena says,

“We are requesting any information you may have on these crimes, including information on vehicles or people that may seem suspicious in areas. This can include encounters with people that seemed nervous or had an explanation for their activities that did not make sense.”

Vizena says there has been a recent rash of stolen ATV's.  They have a few suggestions that they hope ATV owners will follow:

  • Physically secure the vehicle(s) when not in use.
  • Remove the keys and store them in a different location.
  • Record the VIN, serial number, or any personally applied markings and store them in a secure location.
  • Take photographs of your vehicles, including any personally applied markings, and store this information in a secure location.

Captain Vizena also suggests that you, “Contact your neighbors when you will be gone for extended periods of time and ask them to watch for suspicious activity on or near your property.”

St. Landry Parish Crime Stoppers is asking for the public's helping in getting information on these crimes.

“We are offering up to a $1000 reward in this case for information leading to the arrest and filing of charges,” Vizena added.

Anyone with any information about any of the these crimes are urged to call St. Landry Crime Stoppers at 948-8477 (TIPS)