SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — Nasty weather remains a threat in much of the central U.S. after heavy snow covered parts of Wyoming and South Dakota and powerful thunderstorms rolled across the Great Plains.

The National Weather Service says the storm dumped at least 33 inches of snow in a part of South Dakota's scenic Black Hills. Later, severe thunderstorms moved across the Plains, with tornadoes reported in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.

The Nebraska town of Wayne saw some of the greatest damage from tornadoes. At least four homes were destroyed and the mayor says 15 people were injured.

No deaths have been reported from the tornadoes, but snow is blamed in the deaths of three people who were killed in a traffic accident in northeastern Nebraska.

Forecasters say the cold front is moving slowly east and expanding southward. They expect it will eventually meet up with the remnants of Tropical Storm Karen, which moving in from the Gulf of Mexico. The result could be more wild and wet weather for much of the central U.S. and Southeast.