The LSU Board of Supervisors has approved a budget cutting plan Thursday that will cut nearly "less than 1,500, more than 1,400" jobs within the LSU hospital system.

LSU Health Science chief Frank Opelka says a total of $152 Million will be cut from seven south Louisiana public hospitals for the poor and uninsured, with the intent to keep as many facilities open as possible:

We're not planning on closing any hospital as we address these cuts. We're looking forward at preserving graduate medical education as best as we possibly can.


Opelka outlined the budget cuts to LSU's Board Thursday morning, and they gave their approval without objection. He says several dozen inpatient beds will be cut statewide.

The cuts were made necessary when Congress chopped federal Medicaid matching funds from over 71% to about 65%; the lowest matching rate in over 25 years. Opelka says LSU plans no more facilities closures as the cuts are made "and then seeking public/private partnerships as we try to sure up any gaps in care or care for the most vulnerable patients."  There was no indication of just how complete those deals are or where the deals would be made.