Christmas Ornament


You may be ready to head about to become a Holiday shopper or you may have already spent money to get your children or grandchildren the greatest gifts ever.  But, are these gifts that great?  The Consumer Product Safety Commission wants you to pay attention.  They along with The Public Interest Research Group are reming consumers to take their time when selecting toys for gifts. They say dangerous or toxic toys are in the stores, although most toys being sold are safe.

  • The Public Interest Research Group is warning:
  • against toys that can choke a small child or are too noisy. The noisy toys can cause hearing damage or loss.
  • Playthings with harmful chemicals including lead are also on the group's list of toys to avoid.

They add:

  • choking on toys with small parts, balloons and small balls is the leading cause of toy-related injury

She says that the Consumer Product Safety Commission does a good job testing toys, but doesn't check all playthings that are sold. Complete materials on toy safety are available at

who have to go out and get gifts for children are continually being warned this holiday season to make sure they know the toys they are spending money on are actually safe for kids.