After days and days of speculation, and Governor Bobby Jindal saying "if and when" the when has now happened, as the Morganza Spillway has been opened.  The plan is that by opening the Morganza it will relieve pressue on levees in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Instead of the water sending water into thousands of homes in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the hope is that the opening of Morganza will spare those areas.  What will happen though, is flooding along the area were water flows down out through Morgan City.    Ahead of the spillway being opened today Louisiana residents who'll be affected were told to leave their homes.  Some 25-hundred people are reported to be in the direct path with about 22-thousand-500-others threatened by the floodwaters.  The Morganza spillway was last opened in 1973.  Flood conditions are expected to continue for weeks.